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Meet Us

Candace Mau


Consider curiosity, wonder, and wanderlust wrapped up into one wide-eyed ball of laughter, perhaps more of a giggle, and you have Candace Mau. 

A Utah native, she and her partner Brenton live in Ogden, Utah with their adorable dog Roxy. She is constantly giggling about possibilities and living a heart centered life. 

Traveling sets her heart free and joyful conversations/coaching gives her purpose. Hoping to witness permission to be more joyful, facilitate choice, and actual practice of tools to get there; she does this in the real estate world, speaking, leading workshops, and coaching. There are no secrets, just awareness and allowance. A card holding optimist and doggedly persistent personality coupled with bachelor's degree's in psychology and geography makes for an eclectic approach to the world. Candace's enthusiasm is obvious, inviting a sense of curiosity and a smile. 

Tina Stoy


Imagine the speed of light coupled with the nourishing feeling of a ray of sunshine on a cool day. There you have Tina Nardi Stoy. A perfectly timed old soul, attuned to bodies, good music, and the great outdoors. 

She and her husband, Alex, live in Park City, Utah, though are commonly found exploring the world. Tina was introduced to yoga at a young age while training as an athlete in Vermont. A 600HR Yoga Teacher Training with D'ana Baptiste in 2009, sparked a passion for teaching yoga as a way serve. And she is fresh back from a 200HR YTT studying the traditional practices of Tantra Hatha Yoga in Bali! To study under truly inspiring teachers is a gift, one that needs to be shared. Yoga is a tool to connect us with our highest self so that we can more fully enJOY life. May we come together and share our collective knowledge to lift each other up.

Claudette Kraus


A baker, candlestick user, and food connoisseur. Her passion and delight begin with her intuitive nature. Her kind smile, celebration of flavor and her cultivation of connection is a gift to her garden, meals, friends, and family. This is Claudette Kraus.

Her gifts go far beyond the financial world. This Canadian turned New Yorker, is sharing her gourmet magic with us and anyone lucky enough to visit her in Long Island. She and her husband Robert are often found there or on an adventure in a remote part of the world. A mother, gardener, strategic genius, she exemplifies joy through her cuisine. A long honed craft, she can coax the intricate nuance of flavor and celebrate the simplicity of good quality food. Her pairings and intuitive way in what a dish needs is simply magic. We are delighted that Claudette is joining us. Her food elicits a subconscious 'yum' from even the most stubborn of pallets. Joy can be consumed.

Book Recommendations

Light is the New Black

By Rebecca Campbell

The Artist's Way

By Julia Cameron

Untethered Soul

By Michael Singer

Being You, Changing the World

By Dr. Dain Heer

I don't have to make everything all better

By Gary Lundberg

A Natural History of the Senses

By Diane Ackerman