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Joy Workshops

Joy Workshops

Joy Workshops Joy Workshops Joy Workshops

Joy Workshop - Ogden, UT - April 24-26, 2020

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Learn all the tools for YOU to access joy more often and with total ease.



Where - 2020

Ogden, Utah 

New York, New York

Austin, Texas



Is now the time to hone your tools, to have more joy, and commit to a happier life? Joy of the Masculine, Joy of Food, Joy 101. 



Snacks and lunch are provided, practical application of joyful tools, an action plan, and obviously, the workshop. Lodging is separate.



Amy M.

"You need and will cherish this workshop! Don’t overthink it, just sign up. It may feel uncomfortable because it’s not your usual workshop, but go ahead and thank yourself! It’s sooo worth it. You can skip weekend chores or errands or sleeping in for two days - or longer. This is time well spent on yourself and with women who are authentic, insightful and supportive."

Angie L.

"Thank you so much Candace! Your Joy workshop is just full of so much great information. You are truly an inspiration! You are truly a positive authentically amazing woman! I am so inspired from what you teach. It has already made such an impact I'm my life. Thank you so much!"

Marcie D.

"Yes, thank you. More please!"

Tracy C.

"When Candace shared with me that she was putting together a Joy workshop, it was truly the answer to my prayers.   Earlier in the year, I had decided I would work towards putting more Joy in my life, so I was ready to learn what she had to share. 

The workshop opened my eyes to the ways I was holding myself back, and even more importantly, she gave me the tools to open my heart and mind, to find the courage to find Joy.   

This workshop changed my life.   I find myself much more in tune with my own heart, and therefore, more aware of others.  My heart is so much more at peace than it has ever been, and I attribute this to the lessons I learned. 

I have further to go, more to learn, but the time I spent with Candace started me down a path I will never stray from. 

I strongly encourage anyone who feels a little lost, or even just needs a reminder, of the beauty that surrounds us, to join Candace in this Joyful Journey. "


"Tune in to what you would say if you could access more joy right now..."


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Joy Workshop Location

Ogden, Utah, United States

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